Papa Roach live at Stroudsburg, PA's Sherman Theatre in 2010. The original RAW file (above) needed a lot of work so that the guys didn't look like they were standing under a heat lamp. Using various tools in Photoshop, including Curves and Levels, I adjusted the colors until they looked like humans again.


As you can see from the original scanned photo, the subjects were extremely overexposed. Curves and Levels, as well as color saturation, helped salvage the image.


For this High School Musical cover, I used the "Extract" feature in Photoshop to help silo the figures as precisely as possible. Zac and Vanessa's characters (on left) were actually solo shots. I had to scale them down appropriately to make it look like all four actors were in the same room.

For this Cheetah Girls cover, I used the same technique. The backgrounds were designed in Photoshop, using elements from a style guide provided by Disney.


Originally this image was part of a two page spread. The client needed all objects to fit onto one page. After giving the objects their own Paths, I used a combination of the Healing and Rubber Stamp tools to cover up any flaws.